Iris Scanning Coming to Schools, Airports, Banks


Iris-scanning technology is coming to schools, airports and banks.

Iris scanning records a video of your eyeball, which is as distinctive as your fingerprint. The only difference is you have to be charged with or suspected of a crime to be forced to give a fingerprint.

Nevertheless, many security manufacturers are hoping that Americans will go along with iris scanning and it will become the ID badge of the future.

The software technology is being introduced in some schools this fall. Children will look into an eye scanner, which makes two different noises to indicate whether or not the child has gotten on the right bus or the wrong bus.

The software will also sync up with a mobile app so that parents know exactly where their kids are, which basically means there will be no more playing hooky, ever again.

According to CNN, “Every time a child boards or exits the bus, his parent gets and email or text with the child’s photograph, a Google map where they boarded or exited the bus, as well as the time and date.”

If adults are feeling left out, they need not worry for they too will be scanned.

"In the next year, industry insiders say the technology will be available all over-- from banks to airports. That means instead of entering your pin number, you can gain access to an ATM in a blink. Used in an airport, the system will analyze your iris as you pass through security, identifying and welcoming you by name," reports CNN.

CNN barely mentioned privacy concerns, but added numerous assurances from iris scanning companies.

However, Fox News recently reported that the Polk County School District in Florida was scanning kids' eyes without their parents' permission.

The school district sent out a letter notifying parents in May, but had already started the iris scanning on 750 children before parents had a chance to opt out their kids.

Source: CNN and Fox News


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