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Irate Passenger Throws Cup Of Boiling Noodles At Flight Attendant (Video)

Cameras caught the moment that an irate passenger on an AirAsia flight threw a cup of boiling hot noodles at a flight attendant because she wouldn’t let her sit next to her boyfriend, and now, the couple may face charges.

According to reports, the altercation happened amidst a charter flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Nanjing, China. A couple reportedly tried to sit together, but when a flight attendant told them that they wouldn’t be able to be next to each other during the flight, both lost it.

Even after the seats were rearranged so that the couple could sit next to each other, the man and woman were still angry and refused to calm down. Another argument followed when the man asked the attendant to get hot water for his girlfriend’s noodles and the flight attendant told him they had to wait until they got to cruising altitude.

As fellow passengers began to take out their smart phones, the woman grabbed her cup of boiling hot noodles and threw it right at the front of the flight attendant as she covered her face.

The plane suddenly erupted in chaos as the pilot made the decision to turn around and return to Bangkok. The man allegedly threatened to blow up the plane as they touched back down in the Thai capital and he was escorted off with a child in his hand. When the incident began, the flight hadn’t even left Thai airspace.

“The captain of the flight decided to return the plane to Don Mueang Airport [Bangkok's secondary airport] deeming her actions as endangering to other passengers and impeding in-flight service,” a statement from the airline reads, according to CNN.

Authorities questioned the couple and ultimately made them pay fines for the incident. They now could potentially face even more serious charges for the incident that’s being called “hot watergate” on social media.

Sources:Daily Mail, CNN, NY Daily News / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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