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Iraqi Immigrant Shot And Killed In Dallas

Just 20 days after Ahmed Al-Jumaili moved to the United States, he was shot during a supposed random attack in Dallas, Texas.

In the late hours of March 4, Al-Jumaili was in a parking lot taking photos of the first snowfall he had ever experienced. A group of men randomly started firing a gun, striking him and several nearby cars. 

Al-Jumaili was taken to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, where he died. 

Mohammed Al Taae, the victim’s father-in-law, told reporters at NBCDFW that Al-Jumaili moved to the U.S. to get married. "He just bought a car,” Al Taae said. "[He was] trying to find a decent job to start his life.”

Prior to moving to the U.S., Al-Jumaili was a contractor for an Internet company in Baghdad and frequently worked with the U.S. military. He had been working to move to the U.S. for more than a year.

Al Taae told reporters that Al-Jumaili escaped the dangers of Iraq to live in the United States. He couldn’t believe his son-in-law left terror behind, only to be shot in Dallas.

Detectives have not named any suspects.

Source: NBCDFW / Image via NBCDFW


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