Iranian Man Sentenced To Have Eyes Gouged Out After Throwing Acid On Girl


In a brutal example of modern retributive justice, an Iranian court has sentenced a man to have his eyes gouged out, as well as his right ear and his nose cut off. The ruling was given by The National Council of Resistance of Iran after the man was found guilty of throwing acid in a young girl’s face, burning her skin and blinding her. This quite literal eye-for-an-eye punishment has been more widespread in Iran than in other countries throughout the past several years.  

According to the Daily Mail, 95 people have been executed in Iran this year. This high number represents that the new presidential regime, led by Hassan Rohani, is not loosening the country's strict death penalty law. According to The Guardian, Iran had the second highest execution rate from 2007-12, with China in the lead and Iran, Saudi Aabia, Iraq and the United States following. Aside from these internal human rights policies, Rohani has been more open and communicative with Western leaders than his predecessor. 

Speaking on behalf of the UN Human Rights commission, spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani explained the international organization’s concern about Iran’s capital punishment policies. 

“We regret that the new government has not changed its approach to the dealth penalty and continues to impose capital punishment for a wide range of offenses. We urge the government to immediately halt executions and to institute a moratorium,” Shamdasani said.

It is unclear when the arrested man’s capital punishment is scheduled to occur. 


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