iPad Leads Police To Stolen Vintage Airstream Trailer


An iPad led police closer to locating a valuable vintage Airstream trailer that was stolen from a Kansas couple over the weekend.

Catie Ebert said she and her husband, Clint, began doing independent investigations after their 1962 Airstream trailer was stolen from them. The Airstream was passed down from Catie’s uncle and had been in her family for generations.

Clint said he left an iPad in the trailer days before it was stolen, and had been using an app to locate the device. Considering that the iPad’s battery was dead when it was left in the trailer, the efforts were initially unsuccessful. 

On Monday afternoon, however, Clint got a notification alerting him to the iPad’s location after someone seemingly plugged it in and charged it. Police questioned a woman late Monday afternoon, but the trailer was gone by the time officers got to her.

“Not seeing the trailer when we got there was devastating,” Catie said. “You get your hopes up and you get really excited."

Police reportedly located the trailer in a lot on Thursday, after an anonymous caller provided a tip, and will be returning it to the Eberts upon the conclusion of their investigation.

Sources: Fox 4 KC, KCTV / Photo credit: kctv5.com


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