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"iPad" Bought in Parking Lot Turns Out to be Slab of Wood

Proving correct once again the old adage "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is," a woman who thought she was getting a great deal on an iPad instead got a piece of wood that doesn't work like a tablet computer at all.

The Smoking Gun reports that Ashley McDowell told police in Spartanburg, South Carolina that two men approached her in a McDonald's parking lot on Monday with a deal too good to turn down -- a brand new iPad for just $300. She said the men told her they bought the devices in bulk; that's why they could sell them so cheaply.

McDowell only had $180 on her and the men were nice enough to give her an iPad for that paltry amount.

But when she got home and opened the box, she found a slab of wood with an Apple logo. The men went so far as to paint the wood black, surround it with black tape and stick "Safari" and "mail" stickers on it.

As The Smoking Gun pointed out:

Usually, “brick in a box” scammers don’t concern themselves with creating a replica of the item they are peddling (beyond trying to make sure that it approximates the weight of the authentic object).

Police dusted the "iPad" for fingerprints and are looking for the men.


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