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Iowa Teen Charged For Reportedly Hitting Female Bus Driver (Video)

An Iowa teenager faces assault charges after he was caught on video (below) punching a female bus driver on Sept. 15, KWQC reports.

In the video, high school students file onto driver Cindy Wentz's CitiBus in Davenport, showing ID cards with a yellow sticker that lets them ride for free. One 15-year-old student does not have his ID, so Wentz charges him $1. He pays and takes a seat.

Soon after, another student boards the bus with an ID that is missing the yellow sticker.

"It's 50 cents without a sticker," Wentz says.

"Well, I guess I'm walking," the student says, and gets off the bus.

The driver lets the teenager back on board for a free ride but explains that he needs a sticker next time.

Wentz told reporters the student who paid $1 -- and who happens to be black -- then accused her of racism for letting a white student ride for free.

“How was it racist?" she responds in the video. "You have no idea whatsoever. He has an ID; he has no sticker." 

"[The black student] didn’t have [his] school ID," Wentz told KWQC. "Had [he] had [his] school ID, I would have let him slide too, but he didn’t have nothing stating or showing he was a student.

“I said, 'Well if you don’t like my decision, you can just get off my bus,'" Wentz said. "He’s like, 'Well if I get off your bus, I’m punching you in your face.'"

She told him to leave.

“And as he walked by, he punched me in my face," she said.

Because she was facing forward, Wentz said the punch surprised her. While this is the first time a student has physically assaulted her, she said she expected it.

“You get on our buses, and you're constantly cussing and yelling and screaming at us, and you're acting up, and you're fighting amongst yourselves -- it's ridiculous," she said, addressing all students. "We're here to help you get home safely. You need to get on our buses and act like young adults.”

The school district is working with the city to minimize public transit issues, reports WQAD 8. In June, the district began requiring parents to request a bus pass for their children before they could ride the CitiBus.

WARNING: Video contains strong language and may be disturbing to some viewers.

Sources: KWQCYouTubeWQAD 8 / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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