Iowa Mother Arrested After Posting on Facebook That Her Son Would 'Shoot Up' School


It’s safe to say that most mothers will do just about anything to defend their children and protect them from harm. Unfortunately, one mother’s Facebook rant in defense of her bullied son landed her in jail.

Teri Pallat, 39, was arrested on Monday and charged with making a terroristic threat, as well as first-degree harassment, after a Facebook post in which she defended the possibility of her bullied son “shooting up the school” made its way to school officials, and ultimately the police.

The now-deleted post read: “And they asked why do people shoot up schools, well this is exactly why and when our son does it cause I know he will have nobody to blame but the administration and I promise everyone he will only get the ones that caused this. He is an excellent marks men.”

Teri Pallat and her wife Meredith say that their 15-year-old son suffers from epilepsy and has been repeatedly bullied at school, but school officials have taken no action to stop it. Teri seemed to be fed up with the school’s inability to protect her son, so she took to social media to vent her frustrations in an obviously destructive way.

Pallat was released on a $10,000 bond and says that the reaction to her posting is completely irrational.

“I can’t believe this,” said Pallat. “I am just an everyday person. Facebook is what this is all about.”

If Pallat is found guilty of the charges against her, she could face up to two years in prison for harassment and up to five years in prison for making a terroristic threat.

Following the incident, Pallat’s 15-year-old son was taken for psychiatric evaluation to ensure that there wasn’t anything deeper going on. Authorities say that regardless of whether or not the boy was actually planning to bring a gun to school for revenge, Pallat’s remarks on Facebook were enough to cause genuine alarm. Reports say that Pallat’s son has been expelled from school following the incident.


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