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Man Caught On Camera Brutally Beating Dog Gets Arrested (Video)

Police in Iowa say it was video footage, filmed by a neighbor, of a man beating his own dog for over 10 minutes that led to the arrest of a 23-year-old Des Moines man recently.

The video, portions of which were aired by KCCI News (shown below), clearly shows a man kicking and beating a dog in the front yard of his home. 

The man, police say, is Keegan Michael Bucklin. He was arrested Saturday after the neighbor gave the video to police. 

According to The Des Moines Register, police went to Bucklin’s home and asked him about the video and why he could be seen in it repeatedly hitting the dog with a stick, kicking the animal and even picking it up and body-slamming it. 

The police report notes that Bucklin said he treated the animal that way “because the dog had gone (to) the bathroom on the floor.”

Police booked Bucklin into the Polk County jail and charged him with animal neglect. He has since bonded out. 

Neighbors who spoke to KCCI said Bucklin is known in the neighborhood for being violent and aggressive. One neighbor, Buck Storey, characterized Bucklin as a “menace” to the neighborhood. 

Police did not release the name of the neighbor who shot the video, but both police and animal advocates praised the neighbor for recording and reporting the incident. 

One such advocate is Josh Colvin with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, who told KCCI the video was very hard for him to watch. 

“We've seen, in this line of work, a lot of abuse, but for this to go on this long is even more disturbing," he said. 

Colvin added that capturing the incident on video might save other animals from also being abused. 

"Studies have shown that if somebody can do this to a dog, any type of animal, that it can happen again and again," he said. 

The dog was removed from the home and handed over to animal control. The animal did not have any life-threatening injures and is reported to be recovering well. Officials reportedly also removed a second dog from the home.

Sources: KCCI News, YouTube: KCCI, The Des Moines Register / Photo Credit: Police photo via KCCI News


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