Iowa GOP Lawmaker Arrested for Sex with Incapacitated Wife

Iowa State Rep. Henry Rayhons (R) was recently arrested and charged with third-degree sexual abuse, a felony.

Rayhons allegedly had sex with his wife Donna at the Concord Care Center in Garner, Iowa, on May 23, reports the Iowa City Press-Citizen.

According to the police report, Rayhons was informed on May 15 that his wife couldn't consent to sex because of her mental condition.

His wife's roommate told police that she "heard noises indicating to her that" Rayhons was having sex with his wife behind a curtain.

A surveillance video reportedly caught Rayhons leaving his wife's room and throwing some underpants into into a bag.

Judge Colleen Weiland ordered that Suzan Brunes, Donna daughter, was to be her mother's temporary guardian in June, noted the Globe Gazette. At the time, Brunes said her mother had Alzheimer's disease.

Donna, 78, passed away on Aug. 8.

Brunes claimed that Rayhons had conflict with the Concord Care staff about taking his wife out of the nursing home without permission, being in her room with the door closed and allegedly having problems with his wife's roommate.

Sources: Globe Gazette, Iowa City Press-Citizen (Image Credit: Benchill)


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