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Iowa Educator Accused Of Making Racist Comments To Mixed-Race Kids (Video)

A couple in Grinnell, Iowa, claim that a teacher made some racist remarks to their mixed-race children (video below).

Geoff Burd told KCCI that his daughter Nikki quoted a para-educator at Bailey Park Elementary School saying: "Black people and white people can’t be family. Black people shouldn't go to this school. Black people should have their own school."

Burd recalled that his son Marquez quoted the para-educator stating on the playground: "Black people are stupid and don’t know anything."

The para-educator has not commented, but a man at her home said that she was not on administrative leave.

Grinnell Superintendent Todd Abrahamson told the news station that the para-educator has been placed on paid leave, and added: "And we are conducting a level one investigation, and that just started yesterday and today."

Burd is hoping that the para-educator, who is in her 60s, is fired and isn't around kids anymore, notes

“I worry about their emotional stability," Burd told KCCI. "Because you can never take those words back, and she can never retract those words. She can never get those words out of my children’s head."

Sources: KCCI, / Photo Credit: KCCI Screenshot


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