Iowa Cop Shot His Gun In The Airport To Practice His 'Quick Draw' Skills


An Iowa police officer confirmed that he inadvertently fired his gun inside the Des Moines International Airport on Dec. 23.

The event happened around 5 p.m., reports KCCI.

Officer Brady Pratt of the Des Moines Police Department said he was standing next to the refrigerator, opposite the west wall when he drew his service weapon from his holster to practice his "quick draw" skills, according to a police report.

He "unknowingly had his finger on the trigger and discharged a round into the ceiling tile."

The report shows the bullets went through the wall, up the ceiling and traveled out into an adjacent hallway.

No one was wounded, but another police officer witnessed the incident and Pratt reported the accident to a supervisor, according to UPI.

"Discipline is always a possibility when [police officers] are negligent. The level will be determined by the circumstances. There will be a very thorough review," said Sgt. Paul Parizek, Des Moines Police Department spokesman.

It is still unclear how many people were inconvenienced by the event while traveling for the holidays or what the punishment will be for Pratt.

Sources: KCCI, UPI / Photo credit: KCCI

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