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Iowa Police Officer Beats Female Shoplifter Brandie Redell (Video)

An Iowa woman is contemplating a lawsuit after she was beaten by a Davenport police officer for shoplifting at a department store in February, according to NBC Chicago.

Brandie Redell says there is no excuse for shoplifting, but she doesn’t think the punishment fit the crime. Redell was escorted to a security officer in Von Maur Department Store on Feb. 18. A Davenport police officer, Scott Crow, was caught on surveillance video striking Redell repeatedly on her head and face in the presence of her 1-year-old daughter.

Redell said the attack was unprovoked. She was taken into a back room for questioning after she attempted to steal $388 worth of women’s clothing when suddenly Crow began striking her.

"I was crying and begging him to get off me," Redell said in an interview with the Better Government Association.

Redell said her right eye was injured and her vision is still impaired.

In his report, Crow said Redell was “prepared to fight” and that she had bitten his finger and would not let go.

Crow faced disciplinary action for the beating, but he remains on the force. No criminal charges were filed against him because a prosecutor said there was a lack of evidence.

Redell is now working with a nonprofit civil rights group called the Living & Driving While Black Foundation (LDWB).

"Our position is no matter what Ms. Redell's criminal record states, no human being should be assaulted by Davenport Police, who are to serve and protect," said LDWB president David Lowery to NBC Chicago.

“I’ve been punished by the law and I’m dealing with that part, but I still don’t understand how that resulted in me getting my face beat like that and crying for help and nobody helping,” Redell told CBS Chicago.

Redell pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor shoplifting charge and will be sentenced in Scott County Court on Aug. 23. She has two previous shoplifting convictions as well as a second misdemeanor for assault causing injury to a peace officer.

Sources: Newser, NBC Chicago, CBS Chicago

Photo: NBC Chicago


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