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Picture Of Iowa Billboard Goes Viral After Internet Users Catch Spelling Mistake (Photo)

An Iowa billboard criticizing greedy politicians is now facing ridicule for a spelling error in the campaign’s hashtag.

The board was erected to discourage voters from supporting Washington’s “pointless vanity projects.” However, the hashtag reads “Take Back Are Country” and has been ridiculed since.

“Teaching the difference between ‘our’ and ‘are’ in school?” one Twitter user wrote. “That’s commie bulls---!”

The campaigner has since addressed the mistake on their Facebook page, which is called Shares From Your Aunt.

The campaigner noted that a lot of “cyberbullies” were correcting the spelling mistake.

“I asked the billboard guy about it, and he emailed me saying ‘Look lady, that’s the way it’s written.’ So I hope that settles it. Its written correctly.”

The campaigner added that if we really want to “#TakeBackAreCountry” then we have to get the message across to an audience bigger than “just the Internet.”

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Sources: Daily Mail / Photo credit: Shares From Your Aunt/Facebook

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