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Invisible Tragedy: 10 D.C. Shootings In Past Week Leave 2 Dead, 13 Wounded Not Counting Navy Yard Massacre

The nation watched in horror Monday as a gunman went on a rampage at a Navy yard in Washington D.C., killing 12 people, seemingly at random, before he was also killed. It was the latest in a string of mass shootings that have riveted the attention of a shocked and sickened U.S. populace.

But even as the body count was tallied in this new atrocity, what went almost unreported and unnoticed by the national press was that there were 10 shootings in Washington D.C. since Wednesday, Sept. 11 — not counting the Navy Yard massacre.

An investigation by The Huffington Post tabulated the non-Navy Yard shooting incidents, finding that they left two people dead and 13 others wounded.

Early Friday morning, 24-year-old Vernon Davis was shot and killed in the city’s Northeast Eckington district. Police have no suspects in the homicide.

Late Wednesday night, four people were shot in an attack that took place in Northwest Washington. One of the victims in that shooting, 32-year-old Delonta Henrix, died on the scene. Three others were injured.

On Thursday night and Friday morning, five more people were shot in a series of seemingly unrelated incidents. The first of those shootings took place on 14th St. in Washington D.C.’s Northwest along a row lined with crowded bars and restaurants. No one was killed and one person hospitalized in that incident.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray (pictured) earlier this year lauded his city for experiencing a “historic low” 88 murders in 2012. But the community group D.C. Homicide Watch rated that as almost 14 murders per 100,000 people, which the group calculated to be the 8th-highest per capita murder rate in the country, among cities with populations over 500,000.

While police have identified 34-year-old Aaron Alexis as the shooter who carried out the Navy Yard attack, cops have no suspects in many of the other 10 shootings and as of Tuesday morning had made no arrests.

Those 10 shootings are only the incidents to which police responded. The possibility remains of other, unreported shootings.

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