Invisible Dye Used In Vehicle Leads Police To Arrest Of Yafet Askale

A man who reportedly stole a laptop from a car has been arrested and an invisible ultraviolet dye helped in the case against him.

Yafet Askale apparently broke into a car in Brent, England, that had a traceable liquid known as SmartWater. The product contains a dye that becomes visible under ultraviolet light, according to The Telegraph.

The car was a trap and as Askale took items, including a laptop, he activated the system that sprayed him with the substance and alerted cops that the vehicle had been broken into.

The suspect was found to be in possession of the stolen property and arrested. He denied theft but was found guilty and sentenced to community service and was fined.

"This is another excellent example of the thorough work completed by Brent Officers,” Detective Inspector Madeline Ryder  of Brent Police said. “Using the trap car technology we were able to charge Askale and put him before the courts.”

The local police have been working with SmartWater using trap cars and houses equipped with technology to deter thieves from committing crime and to catch those that do.

"The trap car forms part of an overall crime reduction strategy designed by SmartWater which is an effective weapon in the armory of tools that we routinely use in Brent,” Ryder added. “We will continue to target those who are insistent on committing these types of offense.”

Sources: The Blaze, The Telegraph


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