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Investigators Say Infant Died After Drinking Methadone

A 20-month-old girl named Kyleeh was found unresponsive after an evening nap on Sept. 25 at her mother’s home in Milwaukee, Minnesota. She later died.

Kyleeh’s mother told authorities that she was a former heroin user, but quit using seven years ago. On the night Khylee was found unresponsive, the toddler’s 8-year-old brother apparently saw her drinking out of a water bottle which contained the mother’s Methadone.

The mother, who has not been identified, told authorities she poured half a dose of the heroin addiction treatment drug for her own use into the water bottle. She then left her son and daughter in an unsupervised vehicle while she went inside to a doctor's appointment with her other son, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Though authorities are waiting on definitive toxicology results,  an autopsy did not uncover any evidence of trauma. No one has apparently been charged with her death and the matter is still under investigation.

Sources: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (2) Image via John Kelly/Flickr


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