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Investigators Release Report On Death Of 5-Month-Old Boy

Investigators from Florida’s Department of Children and Families have released a report on the Aug. 18 death of 5-month-old Christian Bent.

Christian died as a result of severe injuries, including a fractured scull, broken arm and broken leg, according to WPTV.

Conflicting accounts have been provided as to the cause of his injuries.

The report states that on Aug. 11, Christian was in the care of his father, Dwayne Bent, when he fell out of a bouncy chair that was on a counter top. His parents allegedly failed to take him to a hospital for a check-up, even after being told by their babysitter the following day that Christian had a nose bleed.

On Aug. 14, Christian was returned to the babysitter, who later called the baby’s mother, Pamela Siscoe, to say that he had become unresponsive.

Siscoe and Bent took Christian to a hospital later that same day. He was subsequently transferred to Delray Medical Center, where he died Aug. 18.

Christian’s parents claim his injuries occurred while he was with the babysitter, who has not been named.

“Children get bumps and bruises in the normal course of being children,” the family's lawyer Paul Herman told WPTV. "The horrific, fatal beating of that Friday afternoon had nothing whatever to do with falling out of the bouncy seat from days before."

However, the babysitter’s grandmother, who was present Aug. 14, maintains Christian suffered no injuries while he was in her granddaughter’s care.

“He wasn't climbing all over me like he usually did,” Norma McCarter told WPTV. "But he sat still. Didn't seem like anything was wrong with him."

Bent expressed his grief in a Facebook post on Aug. 19.

“Crying out everything inside out,” he wrote, according to the Palm Beach Post. “I miss Christian so much. … I love you baby.”

An autopsy to determine the cause of Christian’s death is under way, and a court hearing will take place next month.

Sources: Palm Beach Post, WPTV, Inquisitr / Photo credit: WPTV


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