Investigators Find Drugs Hidden In Mexican Candy

The heroin trade is growing in Atlanta, Georgia, and investigators are one step closer to getting ahead of the problem thanks to a large drug bust on May 5. 

A tip helped investigators find 50 kilograms of meth and 14 kg of heroin, part of which was hidden in a Mexican candy called De La Rosa, a peanut marzipan. “It’s huge in terms of a bust,” Atlanta Assistant Chief Shawn Jones told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

Agents noticed something unusual when they found the boxes of candy — each one weighed about 2.2 pounds, equal to 1 kg.

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"When we see this kind of packaging, it's a great concern to us because obviously candy is appealing to young and small children, and that's a concern. Now do I believe this specifically was going to children in Atlanta? I don't. I do believe they were concealing it to bring it into the U.S. as such," said DEA Special Agent-in-Charge Dan Salter.

Investigators said the home that was raided was used as a conversion lab to turn liquid methamphetamine into a crystal form, reports WSBTV They explained it’s easier to smuggle in liquid form. "It can come in a gas can. It can come in vehicles. It's concealed a lot of times as beer," Salter said.

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The drugs were valued at $8.1 million, but drug prices have dropped in recent years. Salter said the street price of a kilo of methamphetamine is currently $11,000 but it was worth more than double that just a few years ago. There’s more meth on the market, which has driven the price down.

One person was arrested in connection in the bust. "This is the second meth lab we've been able to take down in the past six weeks, and it's through the partnerships with federal agents we've been able to do this," Atlanta Assistant Police Chief Shawn Jones said.

Sources: WSBTV, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Image: DEA via WSBTV


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