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Investigator on Ore. Boy Kyron Horman Missing: "Seems Strange"

As the search for missing Kyron Horman stretches into another day, two top Portland private investigators say they don't think a stranger played a role in his disappearance.

Kyron, 7, was last seen by his stepmother walking towards his classroom following a science fair at his school on Friday morning. When he didn't arrive home on the school bus, his parents learned he wasn't in class all day.

Criminal profiler Dr. Ron Turco said, "Something doesn't fit. He was an intelligent boy and was very proud of what he did at school.

"You have to hypothesize that he went with someone he knew. A family member or someone associated with the family, " said Dr. Turco.

Investigator and former Portland Police Detective CW Jensen echoes that. "To me, it seems strange."

It should be noted that neither Turco nor Jensen are involved in Kyron's case -- they are only speculating based on their years of experience.

Meanwhile, detectives are keeping relatively quiet about their investigation, only saying that Kyron is an "endangered missing child."


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