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Investigator at Las Vegas Taxicab Charged With Illegally Recording Conversation That Proved Corruption

A Las Vegas Taxicab authority investigator has come forward with recorded evidence of a conversation between his boss and another worker. Now, after coming forward with recording of the call that apparently shows favoritism, false numbers, and sharing of secret information, the investigator Joseph Morgan, is facing charges.

Even though the conversation between boss Ruben Aquino and fellow investigator Antoine Rivers allegedly contains incriminating evidence, Morgan is being charged with with “one count of interception of wire communication and one count of surreptitious intrusion of privacy by listening device.”

Among the accusations made by Morgan are that numbers used by the company to help them win agency of the year are completely made up, and that Rivers had an unfair advantage in getting a promotion from his boss.

An email was sent to Governor Brain Sandoval by a friend of Morgan’s wife that outlined the conversation and asked that Chief Aquino be reprimanded.

"This is just another example of Aquino breeding discord among employees,” it said in the email. “Chief Aquino cannot maintain a professional work environment,” it said, while ending with the request that the governor, “take action to correct this misconduct and illegal actions.”

It is not known where Morgan currently stands as an employee with Taxicab as he faces charges for recording the conversation.


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