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Investigation Launched Into Drowning Death of 7-Year-Old After 911 Dispatcher Dials Wrong Number for Ambulance

An investigation is being launching into the drowning death of a 7-year-old girl at a public pool in Oklahoma after a 911 dispatcher did not know where the pool was located and repeatedly dialed the wrong number for a ambulance.

Kaitlynn Breann Garcia of Seneca, Mo., was found at the bottom of Eucha State Park pool on June 15. Someone administered CPR while a bystander called 911. A transcript of the phone call to Delaware County Sheriff’s Officer dispatch was reported by

CALLER: "Yes. We're in a pool and I have a little girl that's uh, she's drowning. She's not breathing, we're trying CPR right now."

DISPATCH: "Lake Eucha Pool?"

CALLER: "Yes."

DISPATCH: "Lake Eucha Pool? You know where that is?"

There were long moments of silence during the call and the dispatcher never offers the caller any advice as to what to do to help the child.

CALLER: "Hurry! We don't know if she's breathing or not. She's got a hot dog or something stuck in and she was in the water."

DISPATCH: "Can you hold for a minute, please?"

The dispatcher keeps dialing the wrong number for an ambulance – which was located just 5 miles from the pool.

DISPATCH: "Yes. Is this Jay? Yeah, I'm sorry. I've got the wrong number."

CALLER: "We need somebody here now! She's is going ..."

DISPTACH: "I, I, I'm trying to get a hold of an ambulance as best--trying to do the best, trying to do the best I can."

It takes the dispatcher nearly 4 minutes to get help sent to the pool. When he finally called the local police department, they in turn called an ambulance.

Sheriff Harlan Moore, who is responsible for the 911 center, said the man who took the call resigned and no longer works there. Moore said the former employee was an experienced dispatcher, but he just didn’t know where to send the ambulance.

“I am very upset. This is tragic,” Moore told

Moore said he ordered an investigation into the 911 call. He did not identify the former employee who took the call.

Sources:, Daily Mail


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