Investigation Launched After Soldier Says He Was Beaten By Bouncer At North Carolina Bar


Police are investigating after a Fort Bragg soldier was allegedly beaten outside of a Fayetteville, North Carolina, bar on Sept. 10 by a bouncer.

According a Facebook post written by the brother of soldier Gabriel Ciraulo, his brother was assaulted randomly outside of Maverick’s Saloon as he was leaving the bar.

“After leaving the premises he was tackled from behind by the bar's 250-300 lb bouncer. After being tackled to the ground the bouncer proceeded to climb on top of Gabriel and repeatedly punch him in the face, during which at some point Gabriel was knocked unconscious,” Giovanni Ignazio wrote.

“After finally regaining consciousness Gabriel attempted to get up and away from his assailant only to be tackled to the ground and beaten unconscious a second time.”

Ciraulo was subsequently taken to the ER, where his brother says doctors determined that the bones in his face were shattered, his front tooth knocked out, and his head injured significantly. He was reportedly diagnosed with a severe concussion. 

“This was not a bar fight, there was no fight. This was an establishment allowing their 250-300 lb bouncer to savagely attack a 150 lb veteran who had recently gotten home from a combat tour in Afghanistan,” Ignazio wrote. “Patrons and employees of the bar were seen cheering the attack on, as the bouncer continued to beat Gabriel's unconscious body.”

Following Ignazio’s post, police began an investigation into the incident to determined what exactly happened and whether unnecessary force was used.

“We're trying to hear both sides of the story,” Lt. David McLaurin told ABC 11. He added that he hoped the public would withhold judgment until surveillance tape was fully reviewed and until they heard “all the facts.”

Sources: ABC 11, Giovanni Ignacio/Facebook / Photo credit: Giovanni Ignacio/Facebook


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