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Man Breaks Into Apartment, Hit In Face With Firewood

A North Carolina man who broke into his ex-girlfriend's apartment was arrested after a male resident struck him in the face with a piece of firewood, leaving him with two black eyes.

Police say Matthew Lawrence Bergstedt, 27, kicked in the back door of the apartment around 7 p.m. on Dec. 26. Inside, he was confronted by a 20-year-old man brandishing a block of firewood, according to The News & Observer.

After being hit in the face, Bergstedt reportedly fled and broke into a vacant apartment building nearby.

He was then arrested and charged with breaking and entering and attempted breaking and entering.

Authorities say Bergstedt knew the woman living in the apartment.

"Bergstedt had been involved in a relationship with a female residing in the apartment he first attempted to enter," a Raleigh Police Department spokesperson told The News & Observer.

The woman's father, Dean Sauls, told Time Warner Cable News that he had arrived to pick up his daughter while the incident was underway.

"When I got here things were just a mess and I think [my daughter's] ex-boyfriend had tried to get in the apartment and her [current] boyfriend pushed him back out and then hit him with something because he kept trying to come back," he explained.

Sauls added that he would have done the same thing to defend his daughter.

"So if I was in the same situation and there was somebody crazy drunk trying to break into my apartment I'd do whatever it took to keep them out," he said. "I mean you know I'd try not to kill them but you've got to do what you've got to do to protect your space."

Sauls' daughter was also arrested at the scene and charged with simple assault and assault of a government officer, Time Warner Cable News reports.

Sources: The News & Observer, Time Warner Cable News / Photo Credit: The News & Observer

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