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Intoxicated Woman Asks Man For Ride, Then Robs Him

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Pennsylvania man Josh Orsinger thought he was doing a good deed last month when he offered a woman in seeming distress a ride home – instead, he became the victim.

Orsinger was driving his truck off the William Penn Highway sometime after midnight when he saw a blond woman standing near a car dealership. According to a criminal report, the young woman was visibly drunk and upset.

When Orsinger approached 22-year-old Heidi Isabella Corey she told Orsinger that her boyfriend had taken her car keys and that she needed a ride home.

Police have suggested that Corey had been drinking at the Hot Rod Lounge across the road.

Orsinger offered to give Corey a ride home but first stopped for gas. When he went inside to pay, Corey allegedly took off with $235 and a check from Orsinger’s center console. Corey left only three $5 bills behind.

Corey allegedly used Orsinger’s cell phone to make a call later that night and police were able to track her.

Corey is expected to appear in court on September 19 for a preliminary hearing on a theft charge.

Sources: The Blaze, CBS


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