Internet Soup


All the cukes you can eat, an animal-friendly car so technologically advanced that it makes KITT look like a Pinto on cinderblocks, hot guys, and cute kittens. This Internet Soup du jour has a little bit of something for everybody. 

  • As if the Double Down sandwich weren't unhealthy enough, a Utah KFC is raising money for diabetes research by selling vats o' sugary soda in a finger-pricking bad promotion. 
  • Four words: German cucumber-eating contest
  • Volvo will soon launch cars that automatically brake for animals. No word yet on whether they will brake for rainbows. 
  • This touching story proves that dogs are truly "man's best friend." 
  • This "Funny or Die" video goes out to all the crazy cat ladies. Speaking of which, why is this girl still single?!

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth


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