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Marine Veteran's Postoperative Photos Go Viral (Photos)

Marine Veteran's Postoperative Photos Go Viral (Photos) Promo Image

A Marine veteran's photos showing her body after having her leg amputated have gone viral.

Kristie Ennis got into a helicopter accident in 2012 that led to multiple surgeries, the Independent Journal Review reported. She was forced to have her leg amputated, but decided to complete the Walk of Britain before undergoing the life-changing procedure.

Ennis took the 1000-mile trek across Great Britain alongside several other veterans from around the world. Prince Harry also appeared at the event and met Ennis.

Ennis gave Prince Harry dog tags that belonged to a friend she had lost. She took to Instagram to reflect on the event:

This was a hard one. There are people in your recovery who turn into your rock, and they never even truly realize it. Since my injury, I have met some of the most remarkable, and inspiring people. Chris Van Etten and Colleen Baune became pillars of strength for me even through the new challenges they faced after TJs passing. We may not be terribly close as we were in the beginning of my recovery, but I'll always feel indebted to you. I truly don't feel like I would be as far as I am now without you being there in the start. Thank you. I did this for you to honor TJ. All my love, and best wishes.

As we finished at Buckingham Palace today, TJs dog tag was left with Prince Harry to be honored and remembered. Prince Harry has become a dear friend to us and genuine advocate for our militaries.

Since having her leg amputated, Ennis says she has worked hard to stay active and inspire others. She has posted several pictures, including one photo project called "body image project," where she shows the results of her procedure.

"I wanted to show the scars initially, anywhere on my body, even the disfiguring scar on my face," Ennis told People. "I wanted to portray the scars but I also I wanted to show the evolution of what I have been through.

"At the end of the day, the struggle of what you go through -- whether it be traumatic or if you have a bad day in everyday life -- the struggle is what makes you stronger."

Ennis is currently the director of Wounded Warrior Outdoors. She plans on climbing the Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia, a climb which has never been attempted by a woman with the injuries she has.

"I’m trying to move forward without being a sitting duck with my leg," Ennis said. "I can do whatever I want to do -- it might just take a little longer and I have to find the means to do it. I am completely able.

"Physically I am different, but I am just as whole."

Sources: IJR, Kristie Ennis/Instagram, People / Featured Image: Nellis Air Force Base / Embedded Images: Kristie Ennis via People

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