Internal Memo: JetBlue Not Laughing About Steven Slater Rant


JetBlue may be the only entity out there not joining in the laughter and enjoyment of the Steven Slater saga. While the rest of the world (except for law enforcement) is lauding Slater as symbol of fed-up workers, an internal memo shows JetBlue is taking this very seriously.

And they may have very good reason to -- considering Slater did put workers on the ground in danger.

Slater, of course, is the JetBlue flight attendant who lost it after a flight landed at Kennedy Airport in New York Monday, cursing at passengers over the intercom and leaving the plane via the emergency slide.

The memo, addressed to inflight crewmembers and written by Vicky Stennes, JetBlue's Vice President of Inflight Experience, was obtained by TMZ. It said:

"Some media outlets are portraying yesterday's event as a humorous example of what individuals may consider doing at a point in their careers -- walking off the job in a very public fashion.  However, as safety professionals, we know this event is a very serious matter. Deploying a slide is a forceful event and yesterday's deployment endangered, and could have severely injured or even killed, Crewmembers working around and below the aircraft."

The memo goes on to instruct flight attendant how to deal with passengers' questions about the incident, warning them that whatever they say could go viral:

"In the next few days, Customers may repeatedly ask you about this situation. Please continue to represent JetBlue as professionals in your words and actions and avoid making judgments about the event as even casual comments can be distributed widely via social media outlets."

To avoid such future outbursts, the memo reminds flight attendants that counseling services are available to them through JetBlue.


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