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Interest in NG Vehicles Surges With High Gas Prices in Canada

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In brief: High prices at the pump in Canada have created a surge in alternative conversion, especially natural gas.

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Although hybrids and electrics may see a surge in purchasing, most of the interest amongst Canadian drivers seems to be in natural gas - a cheaper, more "right now" solution.

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The the overabundance of natural gas resources in recent years and with costs being about half that of gasoline at the pump (0.21-0.76 per liter vs. $1.21). Conversions are possible on current gasoline vehicles and factory-made NG cars are more abundant than hybrids.

Conversion shops in Edmonton and other cities are seeing a spike in interest from drivers wanting to convert their vehicles.

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Although converting from one petroleum fuel to another seems counter intuitive, the reality is that methane (natural gas) is much cleaner, having about 1/8th as much carbon per molecule.

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