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Intel Employee Harvey Palacio Sues Over 'Kick Me' Prank

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Intel employee Harvey Palacio filed a lawsuit against coworkers at the Rio Rancho plant after they taped a “Kick Me” sign to his back and laughed hysterically as he was abused.

After realizing the sign was taped to his back, Palacio went to senior staffer Randy Lehman for help. According to the federal lawsuit, an employee yelled “Don’t read it, just do it.” Lehman then kicked Palacio three times.

Chris Zeltinger, a man Palacio exchanged gifts with during Christmas, kicked Palacio twice.

Palacio felt demoralized and assaulted, and he began to cry as he drove home. He could not bring himself to tell his wife because he was so ashamed.

Palacio also reported that coworkers would hide his work uniform and stuff trash in his briefcase, all of which he believes was racially motivated because of his Filipino descent. The abuse had been ongoing for months before he filed a complaint.

Both Lehman and Zeltinger were charged with petty misdemeanor battery, ordered to perform community service, and fired from their Intel jobs.

Intel Corp. said the company was reviewing the lawsuit, but declined to comment further.

Sources: Fox News, Huffington Post


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