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Insurance Fraudster Intentionally Steps in Front of Car (Video)

A dash cam video from the "Bad Drivers Of Southern California" recently captured a man deliberately stepping in front of a moving car inside a parking garage on May 10 in Riverside, Calif., apparently in hopes of filing an insurance claim and/or lawsuit.

The pedestrians' head has been intentionally censored with a black box.

The video (below) was posted on with an explanation by the driver:

He started walking forward when I was about ~25 ft away. He was also walking sideways towards me even though it may not appear like it (it was much more obvious without the black boxes). As soon as he slammed himself on my car, he pretended to have hurt his ankle and rolled onto the ground as soon as he came off camera. When I got out of my car, I made sure not to mention my camera and basically cussed him out for about ten minutes until the police came.

There were five witnesses in total (including a driver just turning the corner behind me) and all said that I had hit the pedestrian. When the police came, I was pretty much the last person they interviewed (probably because I was all hot-headed and it looked like I was at fault). I showed them my footage straight from my camera, which at this point, the pedestrian already had lied if he had been hit. After they saw what was going on, they asked my if I would cooperate by providing them this footage so they can file charges, which I agreed to.

The driver claims says he also got a "very small dent" on the hood and is "sure" that the police arrested the pedestrian.

If you're thinking about getting your own dash cam to film insurance fraudsters or the occasional abusive cop, recommends the DVR-027, which is "cheap, works every time, and has decent picture quality."

However, the nighttime picture quality is not strong and tends to be washed out, according to the review. The DVR-027 is reportedly one of the more common dash cams, but you have to be careful not to get sold a knockoff.

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