Insurance Company Won't Cover Kansas Schools Arming Employees


While some pro-gun advocates such as the NRA want teachers to carry guns in school, EMC Insurance Companies, which insures 90 percent of the public schools in Kansas, says it won’t insure public school districts with armed employees.

EMC made the statement because beginning on July 1, a new Kansas law will allow school employees to bring guns to schools.

“We understand that school districts have every right to decide which way they want to go,” said Bernie Zalaznik, EMC’s vice president. “But we have to make the decision based on what we perceive to be our best financial interest.”

According to The Topeka Capital-Journal, EMC sent a letter to its agents around the state on May 15, explaining that the weapons would be too much of a financial risk.

The Kansas Association of School Boards is advising all public schools against taking advantage of the new law, which allows school boards to designate employees who can bring guns to school.

“We haven’t discussed it,” said Tim Hallacy, Silver Lake Unified School District 372 superintendent, on Monday. “I don’t see that as being a discussion point, and personally I’m not very interested.”

“We have 20 police officers on any day that are in Topeka schools,” said Julie Ford, superintendent of Topeka USD 50.

Many Kansas public schools already have an armed police officer patrolling their schools, which EMC does not object to because the state is insuring the officers.

Source: The Topeka Capital-Journal


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