Insurance Company Delivers Lawsuit Settlement In Truckload Of Coins


In 2012, California resident Andres Carrasco sued Adriana’s Insurance Company, Inc. on claims that an employee from the company physically assaulted him.

In June, Carrasco and Adriana’s Insurance reached a settlement in which the company was to pay Carrasco over $21,000.

Adriana’s paid Carrasco his award this week, but the way they chose to do it has them being shamed all over the internet.

NBC Los Angeles reports that employees from Adriana’s showed up at Carrasco's attorneys office today and delivered Carrasco’s full settlement payment in coins -- buckets and buckets of coins.

Adriana’s Insurance employees reportedly pulled up to Carrasco’s attorney’s office with a van full of five gallon buckets filled with coins. The workers lugged the buckets into the lobby, left them there, and sped off.

Carrasco is an elderly man who has recently had a hernia surgery. He says there is no way he can lift even one of the buckets.

"I am disappointed by the way Adriana's treats their customers and the elderly,” Carrasco said in the statement. "We might be poor, but we are people too.

"Adriana's Insurance, is this the way you treat everyone? Why don't you like your clients?"

NBC Los Angeles reached out to Adriana’s Insurance officials for comment, but they did not respond to requests. 


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