Instead Of Issuing A Traffic Ticket, Police Officer Buys Family A Car Seat

Nicole Dean was pulled over while making a turn on a red outside of a shopping center in Lewisville, Texas, on Nov. 21, but Officer Jeremy Reyna noticed the car seat in the back of her vehicle was in bad shape, Fox 4 reported.

Dean explained that she couldn’t afford a better one, so Reyna told her to stay in the car with her son, Kyler, and took off to Wal-Mart with Dean's partner, Adam Lacey. 

Dean wrote on Facebook that Reyna bought the family a new car seat and also showed the couple how to install it. Reyna told her he just wanted her son to be safe.

“I can honestly say that was the nicest thing I’ve ever seen a cop do and I don’t care what anyone has to say about it,” she wrote. “We are so grateful for the officer that pulled us over!”

Reyna’s good deed caught the attention of the police chief, who wrote about it in his weekly newsletter. “Officer Jeremy Reyna, assigned to the Traffic Unit, epitomizes our department core values; Duty, Honor, Service and Commitment,” he wrote. 

Sources: Fox 4, City of Lewisville / Photo credit: Fox 4

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