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Instant Karma For Road Rager: 'You Don't Mess With Mama Bear'

A woman from Fort Myers, Florida, was dumbstruck when a driver pulled a gun on her for honking her horn, but she was even more surprised to see how quickly karma interfered.

"To mess with me is one thing, but to mess with my children ... you don’t mess with mama bear," Melissa Drake, 46, told News-Press following the road rage incident.

A driver was weaving through traffic behind Drake on Sept. 16.

"A sixth sense came on," said Drake. "I said, 'This is not going to end well.'"

After the driver cut Drake off, forcing her to slam on her brakes, she honked her horn at him.

The driver then got beside her in the right lane and pointed a gun at her 17-year-old son, she said. Drake's teen daughter and her daughter's friend were also reportedly in the car at the time of the incident.

"My son and I looked at each other right at the same time and said, 'Is that a gun?'" Drake said.

Feeling protective of her kids, Drake called 911. After the driver backed off, she followed him until she could see his license plate.

“Who on this Earth would point a weapon at a child?” Drake said, according to Raw Story.

Drake added that the man continued driving recklessly, even reversing his car at one point.

He then aimed a rifle at Drake's car.

“I still have flashes of the gun in my head,” said Drake, who drove away at that point.

Gayle Sarceno encountered the man when he got out of his car, which was facing the wrong way at an intersection, and jumped up and down on one leg, Raw Story reported.

"He's spewing blood from his leg," Sarceno told Raw Story. "He just drops, right there in the center lane."

She and another witness approached the man, who said he had shot himself.

The man went into shock, and emergency responders transported him to Lee Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Police said they found a handgun and a large rifle in the car, along with a large amount of blood, according to an incident report cited by News-Press.

“What was so bad in your day that you had to act like this and pull a gun on a family,” Drake told News-Press. “Come to find out he shot himself -- talk about instant karma.”

Sources: News-Press, RawStory / Photo credit: PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay, Stephen Z/Flickr


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