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Instant Karma: Teens Body-Slam Hoods Of Cars, Get Chased Down By Police Almost Immediately (Video)

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A group of teens that went around town body-slamming hoods of cars for no good reason ended up getting a lesson on instant karma.

A friend filmed the teens (video below) as they walk through town at night, stopping at random cars and jumping onto the hoods. The teens rotate their bodies mid-jump, and then slam themselves down on the hood of the vehicles.

As they make their way down the street in the video, the group encounters a black Impala with its lights on. With people presumably inside, the two main body-slammers pretend that they were going to body-slam the Impala before skipping over it and moving on. They choose the two cars parked behind the Impala to body-slam, and barely make it past them before police officers approach, get out of their car, and begin chasing them. The teens are apprehended and arrested immediately.

Viewers criticized the body-slammers on Reddit after video of the incident was posted online.

“What I don't get is how they didn't realize that was a cop car.... I mean a blacked out Impala pulls up quickly and parks next to you right after your large group of friends did some illegal s**t,” Redditor IRaceCars said. “Yet they don't get out of the car and are staring you down. So the best course of action is to play around like you're going to jump on their car, then proceed to jump on the car directly behind theirs. Right as their perfectly timed back up shows up.”

According to one viewer, the practice of body-slamming cars is a trend on popular video website Vine.

“This is one of the dumbest trends I've seen on vine. Its called 'put em' in a coffin'. In case you want to see more stupid people jumping on things,” Reddit commenter JumpSalty said.

Watch the incident play out below.

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