Instagram Chose a Very Unlikely Day to Remove This Photo of a Gay Couple Kissing


Instagram’s decision to remove a photo of a married gay couple kissing spurred a chain reaction of people reposting the picture and demanding that Instagram put it back up online.

Celebrity hairdresser Alberto Guzman had posted the photo of him and his husband, makeup artist Janeiro Bofill, kissing on their wedding day.

He posted the picture in honor of gay pride Sunday, and accompanied it with a variety of equal rights hashtags, including “#wearethesame”, “#nothingwrongwithbeingqueer” and “#werequeerandwerehere.”

The photo, however, was apparently flagged as inappropriate; Instagram removed the image from their site.

As Guzman explained, “I posted this photo of my wedding yesterday and Instagram took it off my album for being ‘inappropriate’ [sic] and on gay pride of all days.”

In a display of support for the couple, friends then began reposting the image with the caption, “Instagram took down this photo for being inappropriate WTF.”

Galadriel Masterson, a friend of the couple, outspokenly expressed her outrage over Instagram’s reaction. Masterson noted that Guzman and Bofill have “been together for 13 years and are legally married for 2 months. This is the kiss that sealed their wedding vows. Vows that under state and federal protection offer them 1500 rights and responsibilities.”

She continued on to demand “an apology for taking this pic down and flagging it as inappropriate,” as well as to ask that others continue to repost the picture.

Instagram eventually did restore the photo, and apologized for the incident, explaining that they occasionally make a mistake when processing reports from other members of the Instagram community.

“In this case,” an Instagram spokesperson explained, “we wrongly removed content and rectified the error as soon as we were notified. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

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