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Inspirational Student Takes Paralyzed Dad to College with Him

It is easy to see why a young man by the name of Guo Shijun has won the hearts and minds of folks all over the world. His story is not only deeply moving, it serves as a reminder of how selfless, loving and devoted people can be.

Guo Shijun, 20, has worked hard his entire life. His mother was rendered mentally disabled following a bout with meningitis. He and his father dotingly took care of her for years. Despite his heavy workload growing up, Guo Shijun was able to get into a top-notch university.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck the family yet again.

While working on a bridge, Guo Shijun’s father fell down and badly injured himself. Doctors eventually determined that he would be paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life. Realizing that their daughter could no longer be cared for, Guo Shijun’s grandparents took in his mother; however, his father was still hurt – and he had nobody to watch after him.

Most people would look at Guo Shijun’s predicament and see two viable options: he could either drop out of school and take care of his father, or he could stay in school and let someone else worry about his father.

Guo Shijun opted for Option C.

He begged his university to let him keep his father in his dorm room. Initially there was some resistance, but ultimately they obliged. He then went out and borrowed money to be able to pay for food, tuition and the cost of caring for his dad.

Along the way, in what can only be viewed as a testament to his hard work, Guo Shijun earned a scholarship. This has helped him pay for some of the expenses he was racking up.

Asked by the Daily Mail about how he managed to deal with so much hardship, Guo Shijun simply said:

“I can't say life is easy, but the only way out of the problem is through hard work so I'm not complaining.”

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