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Inside The Mind Of A Man Who Killed His Sister (Photos)

His face turns soft as he reminisces the childhood memories he shared with his beloved dead sister, before quickly hardening.

"I had to kill her," Mubeen Rajhu says. "There was no choice."

In a chilling interview, The Associated Press reveals the inner workings of a poor Pakistani man in his twenties who is proud of killing his own sister.

On Aug. 14, Rajhu walked up to his sister, Tasleem, and shot her dead after learning she had secretly married a man who was once Christian.

For months, Rajhu's co-workers at the steel mill made fun of him after rumors spread that his 18-year-old Muslim sister was seeing a Christian man.

Although the man later converted to Islam, this was considered an unacceptable union by many.

Adding to Rajhu's frustration, Tasleem defied her family in front of them, even laughing when their mother would beg her to break up with the man.

"Some guys got to know that his sister was having a relationship," says Ali Raza, one of Rajhu's co-workers, who later encouraged him to kill her. "They would say: 'Can't you do anything? What is the matter with you? You are not a man.'"

While such a response would shock many, it's not an entirely unusual for one in Pakistan, particularly among poorer and uneducated households.

More than 1,000 women were killed in 2015 at the hands of their own loved ones to preserve the family honor, according to BBC.

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Rajhu increasingly felt ashamed and emasculated, even at one point threatening to kill himself to his colleagues if they wouldn't stop humiliating him, the AP reports.

Still, he said he loved his sister and attempted to confront her with words; She still defied him.

Then, the fateful day came when Rajhu learned his sister's secret: she had married the ex-Christian.

In a surprise twist, Rajhu's younger brother attended his sister's secret wedding.

After growing suspicious, Rajhu said he beat his brother mercilessly into admitting the secret.

It's unclear how the younger brother felt about his sister's death. However, the father certainly made his feelings clear.

"Everything is destroyed only because of this shameful girl," the father said.

"Even after death I am destroyed because of her," he continued, adding that he's also anxious because of the financial loss the impoverished family now faces with Rajhu in jail.

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