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Insane Racist Driver Loses His Cool on L.A. Freeway (Video)

Poor Reddit user affermativeuncertain posted a video over the weekend showcasing a driver who could certainly be classified as crazy, racist, and a jerk, all at the same time.

You think you've experienced bad road rage. Yesterday, this guy tried attacking me on the freeway because of my race,” affirmativeuncertain writes. The video he grabbed using his dashcam definitely proves him right. Though the clip is lengthy, it shows a driver with Illinois plates totally lose it for no reason, except, apparently, that the driver of the victim vehicle is of Asian descent.

The Illinois driver is shown cutting off a number of drivers on the freeway, stopping short multiple times in front of affirmativeuncertain’s car, pulling over a number of times to yell out his window, and even stopping his car and physically approaching our driver. “The aggressor also threw drinks at affirmativeuncertain three times during the video: at 1:55, 2:27 and 6:56,” writes the Huffington Post.

The sound in the clip is very hard to hear, though affirmativeuncertain said that the other driver shouted, "Go back to Asia," "F*ck you, Asian," "I'll f*ck you up" and "Get out and fight me."

At one point, affermativeuncertain (or someone else in the car) is heard phoning into the police with the crazed driver’s plate number. Let’s hope he was stopped somewhere en route, though knowing L.A. traffic, it surely took the coppers quite a bit of time to get out to the location of the call. These jams are known to get under people’s skin, but this was nuts.

So what’s with this jerk? Roid rage, road rage, racism, or all of the above?

Sources: Huffington Post, Jalopnik, Reddit


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