Innovative Alternative to Obamacare Crisis


In  the months since being enacted, the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) has significantly changed the landscape of the United States' healthcare system. That was to be expected, though. What came a bit unexpectedly, however, is the law's shortcomings. Despite the efforts of the federal government, millions of Americans are still without health insurance and benefits.

While the jury is still out on whether Obamacare has been and will be a success, it is clear that certain sectors are already experiencing growing pains. Not least of these is the effect that the law has had on individuals' ability to purchase healthcare and prescription medication.

Because of the fact that major corporations are cutting employee hours, dropping health insurance for part time employees, and/or are simply not hiring new workers, Obamacare has not brought health insurance to as many citizens as the President had anticipated.

For instance, as Daily Caller reported earlier this year, "The popular retail company Target announced its decision to drop health insurance coverage previously offered to its 36,100 part-time employees." It is worth noting that the company managed to do this because Obamacare only requires companies to offer health insurance to individuals who are employed for 30 hours per week or more. This is just one example of how the law has actually hurt the citizens who it was created to help.

Luckily, some third party organizations are helping to fill the gaps left by this imperfect new system. Specifically, such services provide employers with the opportunity to help their employees save money on healthcare, without having to purchase expensive insurance for each of their workers individually.

National Drug Card (NDC) is an innovative, alternative money saving healthcare platform that is giving Americans who do not have access to health insurance the chance to receive considerable discounts on their healthcare and prescription medications. As Alexander Acuna, Founder and CEO of the National Drug Card organization, explained to Opposing Views, “Our Free drug card allows groups of all sizes to help their members, volunteers, and employees afford their prescriptions, while at the same time generating monthly residual income as a result of providing them with that service.” According to their website, the National Drug Card “can save 10% – 85% on all FDA approved brand name and generic drugs.” The site adds, “The card can be used at over 73,000 pharmacies nationwide.”

Founded in 2005, National Drug Card is a Washington, D.C. based organization that offers a free discount drug card to millions of people across the United States and its territories that have little or no prescription insurance to help them save money on their medication. Anyone is eligible for the card, but it especially benefits those with no health insurance, senior citizens, small business owners, families, college students, unemployed and the undocumented. Additionally, individuals who have prescription benefits can use NDC to receive discounts on medications not covered by their plan, and even people with high co-pay can use the card.

NDC is one of the first free discount drug card programs in the nation, and was the first to offer a free pet drug card, Spanish drug card, and 2 free mobile drug card apps. National Drug Card recently launched the nation’s first Free Healthcare Savings Club. This new program offers more than 75 types of savings and preferred pricing benefits, with discounts on medical, dental, vision, labs, blood work, Lasik, podiatry, diabetes care, hearing aids, holistic medicine, legal services, travel club, shopping, groceries, entertainment and more. The NDC Savings Club website also includes sections dedicated to savings specifically for men, women and seniors.

"If individuals can't afford healthcare because it has been dropped by their employer, a savings club is the resource that is going to step in and help people save money on their healthcare, and help keep them afloat during this trying time," Acuna further noted. "These people are going to need somewhere to go, and a healthcare savings club is able to offer just that."

Interestingly, anyone can enjoy these free benefits, and there are no limits as to what kinds of organizations can obtain these money-saving programs. Group, Non-profit organizations, churches and unions have all been able to utilize NDC to benefit their members and constituents.

The jury is still out on Obamacare, but many cannot afford to wait for all of the wrinkles to get ironed out. Fortunately for them, there are alternatives available.

"You asked for our help, and we heard you," said Acuna in a press release. "Millions of people are struggling to afford not just the cost of health care, but the basics of daily living. We want to make our customers' dollars go further, so they can stop focusing on surviving and start thriving."

Source: The Daily Caller


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