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Innocent Teen Suffers Brain Damage During Arrest (Video)

A federal judge released dashcam video (below) on June 6 of former Independence, Missouri, police officer Timothy Runnels arresting then-17-year-old Bryce Masters with enough force to cause brain damage on September 14, 2014.

Runnels pulled over Masters because he was driving a car with a license plate associated with a Kansas City warrant, which was a mistake, notes The Kansas City Star.

In the video, Runnels demands that Masters get out of the car. Masters asks Runnels why he has to leave the vehicle and if he is under arrest, but Runnels keeps repeating his order.

Runnels tells Masters he is going to pull him out of the car, and threatens to use a Taser on him.

"Get your a-- out now," Runnels says, according to the dashcam video.

"I haven't done anything, officer," Masters insists.

Masters repeatedly asks Runnels if he is under arrest. Finally, Runnels confirms that he is, but refuses to state the violation.

"Alright fine, f--- it, just get out," Runnels states while aiming a Taser at Masters.

Then, Runnels allegedly fires the Taser at Masters for about 20 seconds.

Masters ends up on the street, not moving.

"Told ya!," Runnels says, while Masters screams in pain.

Runnels handcuffs Masters who is making gurgling sounds. Runnels carries the teen to the side of the road with his legs dragging on the ground before forcefully dropping him face-first on to the pavement.

Runnels radioed for an ambulance a few minutes later, but did not render aid to Masters.

A previously released cellphone video (below) picks up after Masters has been dropped down. Runnels appears to be standing with his foot on the teen.

"There was a wrestling match behind the vehicle where he resisted," Independence, Missouri, police department Major Terry Storey told the public in 2014, noted WDAF.

At the time, three witnesses contradicted that version with a story much closer to the dashcam video.

The teen was in cardiac arrest when the paramedics arrived and nearly died, The Kansas City Star reports.

After being taken to a local hospital, Masters was placed into a medically induced coma.

Masters suffered brain damage that may be permanent.

Runnels originally pleaded not guilty to federal charges of violating the teen's constitutional rights and obstructing the investigation into his actions in March 2015, noted KCTV.

Runnels ended up changing his plea to guilty to violating Masters’ civil rights, and was sentenced to four years in a federal prison on June 1, reports The Kansas City Star.

Sources: KCTVThe Kansas City StarWDAF, PoliceActivity via YouTube / Photo Credit: KCTV

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