'It's Not Right': SWAT Raids Innocent Man's Home, Beats And Tases Him (Video)


Chad Chadwick said he was tased and beaten by a SWAT team on Sept. 27, 2011, at his Missouri City, Texas, apartment.

Chadwick had not violated any law when police from Missouri City, Sugar Land, Stafford and the Ft. Bend County Sheriff's Department reportedly burst into his home firing stun grenades.

The incident began when a friend of Chadwick called the police over concern for his emotional state. Chadwick had been drinking and was distraught over an argument with his wife. He had fallen asleep in his bathtub.

Chadwick owned a shotgun, but was not armed when the SWAT team kicked down his front door.

"They told a judge I had hostages," Chadwick told My Fox Houston (video below). "They lied to a judge and told him I had hostages in my apartment, therefore they needed to enter."

The officers' warrant did say that Chadwick might have hostages, even though his friend who called 911 never stated that.

"So while I had my hands up, naked in the shower, they shot me with a 40 millimeter non-lethal round," Chadwick added.

The SWAT team fired another stun grenade, Chadwick said.

"I turned away, the explosion went off, I opened my eyes, the lights are out and here comes a shield with four or five guys behind it," Chadwick recalled. "They pinned me against the wall and proceeded to beat the crap out of me."

Chadwick also said the police shot him in the back of the head with a Taser.

"But they claimed that I drew down with a shampoo bottle, an Axe body wash bottle," Chadwick stated. "They grabbed me by my one arm that was out of the shower and they grabbed me by my testicles and pulled me out, slammed me on my face on the floor and proceeded to beat me more."

Chadwick produced pictures that appear to back up his many injuries.

Chadwick was taken to the Ft. Bend County Jail, where he was held in solitary confinement for two days. He suffered a fractured nose, bruised ribs and permanent partial hearing loss.

The Missouri City Police told a completely different version of the incident in October of 2011.

According to Click2Houston.com, the SWAT team claimed it negotiated with Chadwick for hours before bursting into his apartment to get him under control.

Ft. Bend County District Attorney John Healy tried to indict Chadwick on two felony charges of assaulting police officers, but a grand jury refused to do so.

Healy also tried to indict Chadwick on misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest, but those charged failed as well.

Last month, a jury found Chadwick not guilty of interfering with police.

Three years later, Chadwick has cleared his name, but it cost him his life savings and his family.

"They came in, did what they did, figured out that they messed up and then now they're doing everything they can to cover it up," Chadwick told My Fox Houston (video below). "Treating just a normal American citizen like an animal — it's not right."

Chadwick's employer has stood by him through the entire ordeal.

"This man, instead of firing me, said, 'When I hired you, I hired you into a family,' and he stood by that," Chadwick said.

Houston activist Quanell X is organizing a protest in support of Chadwick and people of all races who have been victims of "concocted prosecutions."

For his part, Healy stands by his decisions to prosecute Chadwick, but couldn't say how much the failed prosecutions have cost taxpayers.

Sources: My Fox Houston, Click2Houston.com / Image Credit: My Fox Houston Screenshot


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