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California Deputies Shoot Man Making Cellphone Video (Video)

Danny Sanchez was shot in the leg by deputies in Rancho Cordova, California, while filming them with a cellphone on Sept. 11 (video below).

Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies answered a call about Ben Ledford, who is Sanchez’s next-door neighbor, allegedly firing a machine gun at a house across the street.

After the deputies took Ledford into custody, they reportedly saw Sanchez filming from his garage with his cellphone and fired on the young man, hitting him in the leg.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jason Ramos claims the deputies mistook Sanchez's cellphone for a gun.

“Needless to say, it took us some time to figure out exactly who had what role in this incident,” Ramos told CBS Sacramento.

“But he found himself in the midst of things and some of his actions were perceived to be threatening," Ramos added.

Sanchez was taken to a hospital for surgery, while the two deputies who opened fire were placed on paid leave pending an investigation into the incident.

“You can see how many shots they did: One, two three, four, shooting at my son with a cellphone," Sanchez's father, John, told KRCA. "Come on, that’s ridiculous."

According to Ramos, the younger Sanchez and a second unidentified man were detained, the Sanchez home was searched, but no charges were filed.

John told CBS Sacramento that the deputies did apologize for shooting his son.

Sources: CBS Sacramento, KCRA / Photo credit: CBS Sacramento Screenshot


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