Innocent Man Elroy Phillips Kept in Jail by Judge Because of Paperwork

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In Miami, Florida, prosecutors have recanted charges against Elroy Phillips, who is serving a 24-year jail sentence for drug charges, however, a judge has failed to release him because of paperwork issues, the Broward-Palm Beach New Times reports.

Judge Joan A. Lenard is keeping Phillips in jail, after ordering prosecutors and the defense to file a joint motion on paper, as to why Phillips should be released. Judge Lenard said: "It has a very broad sweep and differing legal theories. There are a lot of moving parts here."

Phillips has been in jail since 2003 after a trial that depended on the testimony of disgraced West Palm Beach police officer Michael Ghent, who was later accused of selling drugs and practicing extortion. The multiple lies Ghent told in the Phillips case made prosecutors decide to drop the charges.

Phillips daughter Shatroyia Phillips said: "I'm disappointed. My dad, he really wants to come home, and he really thought today was his day."


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