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Innocent Arizona Man Bloodied By Police For Using Cell Phone (Video)

Arthur Velasquez is claiming police brutality after being taken down by cops in Mesa, Arizona, for trying to call his sister. The Nov. 5 incident was caught on video (below) by one of the officer's body cameras.

"I had a feeling with these two officers that something bad was going to happen, that's why I called my sister," Velasquez told ABC 15. "There was no need to punch me, closed fist, as hard as you can straight in the face."

Velasquez matched the description of a suspect who was wearing a hoodie while riding a bike, but was innocent.

While he was being questioned by police, Velasquez called his sister on a cell phone even though the police told him to put down the phone.

Velasquez was subsequently slammed to the pavement by police.

Detective Steve Berry, of the Mesa Police Department, insisted that people have to obey the police when detained.

"Where you're now in fear because you don't know who is coming who might be armed, and showing up to assist," Berry told the news station.

"Calling your sister when you got done would have gone a long way," Berry added. "And he could have just moved on for the evening."

However, Velasquez claims it was the phone call that saved his life.

"When I yelled out they were using brutal force against me is when they stopped hitting me, and then the officer got up and went and hung up my phone," Velasquez told Fox 10 Phoenix.

Vanessa Mitchell, Velasquez's sister, came to the scene and took pictures of his bloody injuries, which included a concussion.

Police claimed that Velasquez resisted arrest, but never charged him with that crime. Instead, the cops cited him for lacking a light on his bike.

Mesa police are launching an internal investigation of their own officers; Velasquez is planning to file a lawsuit.

Sources: ABC 15, Fox 10 Phoenix / Photo Credit: Mesa Police/Fox 10 Phoenix Screenshot


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