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Shortened Sentences For Inmates Who Saved Deputy (Photo)

A Georgia sheriff says he plans to shorten the sentences of inmates who helped save a deputy's life on June 12.

The unidentified deputy, who has a chronic medical condition, may have collapsed due to the 100 percent humidity on that 75-degree day, reports WXIA.

It was the perfect opportunity for the six inmates working with him at a cemetery at the time to escape. But, thankfully, the deputy, who has chronic Chiari malformation, was in surprisingly good hands.

Not only did the inmates perform CPR on the officer, one used the deputy's phone to call 911 on his behalf.

"When that happened, in my opinion, it wasn’t about who is in jail and who wasn’t," said one of the inmates, Greg Williams. "It was about a man going down and we had to help him."

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While incredibly grateful, the deputy wasn't surprised by his inmates' actions.

"That moment when they’re out, they’re not really inmates to you," he later added. "They're just a group of guys and you’re out. You try to be more like friends and in my case, it just worked out for the better."

To show the county's appreciation, Polk County Sheriff Johnny Moats said he will take about one-fourth off each of their sentences.

The six men were also praised by many nationwide.

"Just goes to show you that not all people who have made bad decisions are bad people," wrote one Fox News reader.

"This is awesome, thanks to the deputy for being a friend to these men and thank you guys for being a friend and responsible for you falling officer," added another on the WXIA article.

"This shows because they are locked up that they are good guys they made a mistake and payed for their mistake," chimed in a third. "Thank you guys for stepping up and showing you are real men great job done may god bless you guys."

Others were not pleased with the outcome. One woman claimed she knew about one of the inmates and thought shortening his sentence was unwise.

"One of these guys continuously stalks and beats his girlfriend unconscious when he's 'free,'" claimed one, whose information caannot be confirmed. "One good act doesn't erase the rest. They are in jail for a reason. I can only speak about one of them. He doesn't deserve a reduced sentence. This is not his first time behind bars for this offense. He will kill her this time. Her kids had to move to another town to live with family because they were terrified."

Sources: WXIA (2), Fox News / Photo credit: Rainerzufall1234/Wikimedia Commons, WXIA

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