Inmates Save Officer From Fellow Prisoner (Video)


A police officer was reportedly saved from being strangled by a prison inmate after two other inmates rushed to his aid (video below). 

The incident, which occurred at Mahoning County Jail in Ohio on July 8, began when the inmate — named Lucky Mitchell — ambushed Deputy Anthony Lucas, WKBN reports. In a video of the clip, posted online by LiveLeak, Mitchell can be seen waiting for Lucas to appear. He waits with a rolled up white t-shirt in hand and then lunges towards the deputy when he walks by.

The two men then begin to struggle, with Lucas attempting to fight back against Mitchell’s attempts to strangle him. They move around the room, crashing into walls, and struggle for several seconds before two other inmates enter the room and pull Mitchell off of Lucas.

"Obviously, Deputy Lucas was having a hard time getting to his radio during the tussle, and so in this particular instance, it helped having the other inmates assist the officer," Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene told WKBN.

"Having that happen with inmates assisting you, you’re never going to know which way that’s going to happen. They could have been in on it, but in this particular instance, it was beneficial."

At the time of the incident, Mitchell was on a mandatory recreation period.

"He asked the officer working the pod at the time if he could get him some toilet paper and when he was getting him the toilet paper, he asked him to look up on the computer when his next court date was," Greene said. 

"It was a pretty intense altercation that took place and I’m sure when an officer has somebody try to slip something over their head to choke them with, they’re gonna end up fighting pretty hard for their life," he added.

Mitchell, who is reportedly in jail for carrying a concealed weapon, was ultimately considered a high-risk inmate as a result of the incident. He will have severe restrictions in jail going forward. 

“We’ll be conferring with the prosecutor’s office on what the charges will be, but we are certainly looking at the possibility of an attempted murder charge,” Greene said. 

Watch the intense incident in the clip below.

Sources: LiveLeak via YouTube, WKBN / Photo credit: LiveLeak via Daily Mail

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