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Man Who Threatened To Kill Obama And Trump Sentenced

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A man who threatened to kill former President Barack Obama has received additional time in Florida prison after making a similar threat on current President Donald Trump's life.

On Jan. 29, 42-year-old Richard Jeremy Ware was sentenced to an additional four years after pleading guilty to making threats against the president, reports the New York Daily News.

"I am going to murder the United States president Donald Trump," he wrote in a March 2017 letter while in prison, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

"I assure you that I am serious," Ware continued, adding he was "not afraid to die" and also planned to kill one of Trump's daughters.

Mental health professionals who evaluated Ware emphasized the gravity of his claims, adding that the man has a history of mental health issues.

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"[He is] calculating, intelligent, paranoid, and very capable of violence," their evaluation concluded, court documents reveal.

Ware first rose to national attention after writing a letter threatening to kill the Obama while he was president in November 2011. He also threatened to molest his children.

In addition to Obama, Ware also targeted the Clintons and George Bush and was sentenced to five years in prison.

"When enough money is made we will use it to create a fighting force that I will use to destroy the [presidency] from the inside out then I will murder Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, George Bush, [Barack Obama] and his wife then take hostage and molest his two little girls daily," Ware wrote in the letter, reports the Ocala Star-Banner.

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Ware had also reportedly called the Prison Rape Elimination Action hotline and left 10 voicemail messages about his desire to kill Barack Obama in March 2011.

He is not the first man accused of threatening to kill Donald Trump, reports The Hill.

Travis Luke Dominguez, 33, was thrown behind bars in Utah in January after allegedly making threats on the president's life.

He also reportedly threatened to attack police officers if they tried to stop him.

"I woke up and decided going to kill the president Donald Trump today," Dominguez, who claims to be a Navy SEAL, said. "Please forgive me and then I will die by suicide by cop. I'm going to kill the sexist racist homophobic President Trump today. Nothing you can do to save President Trump nor stop me pigs."

A federal jury indicted Dominguez on 11 counts, a few of which included charges against Dominguez for making internet threats to harm people attending a local theater.

On Dec. 31, 2017, police arrested Dominguez when he was found near the theater.

Dominguez also allegedly threatened to hit other businesses with explosives and firearms.

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