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Inmate Made Six 911 Calls From Prison Before Being Found Dead (Video)

A prisoner at Lawton Correctional Facility in Oklahoma was found dead on the floor of his cell, and now it’s being reported that he called 911 six different times just prior to authorities finding his body earlier this week.

While inmate Christopher Glass’s voice was never actually heard on the calls he made, another voice was, and police believe that man was Glass’s killer.

"Whether or not you're a dead man. Just hang up," says the voice.

An autopsy is being done to determine the cause of death, but police suspect that 33-year-old Glass’s killer was the one heard talking on the 911 calls.

"You may have a group of guys involved when a skirmish starts," said Police Captain Craig Akard. "Maybe the same guy gets into a fight with another the next day, but both parties walk away ... You can't really say 'that's where the (fatal) injury occurred.'"

Police are currently investigating the inmate’s death. Audio of the 911 call with the suspected killer's voice can be heard in the video below.


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